The Formation Of Bisexuality Has A Large Degree Of Environmental Factors


According to the inquisitr news site reported (one of the world's most popular blogs) one of the millennial-born generation, one-third of young people self-rated as bisexual. The millennial generation refers to the people born between 1984 and 1995. They have a very different way of life with their fathers and grandparents, and now there is a difference between them in mobile, social media and dating software. With the changing times, the attitude of things, the surrounding environment has long been different from the previous generation of cognition. Especially for the sexual orientation of the problem of view, the young generation for bisexual acceptance is far higher than their parents.
Compared to older people, young Americans are less likely to attribute themselves to a fixed category, and they are more likely to claim that they have a mobile sexual orientation. According to the latest poll of the poll website YouGov shows that nearly 30% of the American millennial generation and almost half of the British millennials think they are at least somewhat bisexual. And, they do not exclude themselves as bisexual this identity, and some are pleased to accept.
The staff involved in the survey recruited a thousand adults, let them score on the gold ,watch for their own score, 0 points on behalf of the full heterosexual, 6 points on behalf of complete homosexuality. The survey found that almost one-third of the millennials thought they were more or less bisexual. Compared to their fathers and grandparents, they are more likely to define themselves as bisexual.More and more young bisexual make bi friends online,so there are lots of bisexual dating websites and bi APPs appear in the word which is more and more popular.
In general, 78% of Americans themselves are heterosexual, 4% are homosexual, and 22% are in the middle of the swing. When investigators did the study in the UK, they found a bigger difference. Overall, 23% of British citizens rated themselves as bisexual, but in the millennials, as much as 50% of their own evaluation of their own. They are less fixed their sexual orientation, and do binary choice. They are more open to change. The environment will often affect the living habits of the living, so sexual orientation is no exception. The world in the diversified development, to accommodate the diversity of things, so we should look at the bisexual groups, a large number of bisexual dating sites are increasingly regionalized legalization, should be treated equally.