Bisexual Dating

Bisexual Dating Which I Have Known

I used to hear Bisexual dating, I am incredible, a bisexual man or bisexual woman can have both sexes . Research shows that women tend to bisexual than men, I was thinking, I should not be bisexual, I like sexy beauty. However, what I have ever thought  may not be true, perhaps everyone has a bisexual tendencies. Whether this bisexual tendency will be manifested through emotion and body or not, it depends on whether you will meet the opposite sex you love when you are in love with the same sex.
I am an introverted boy who don't like talking with others, and I'm even some eccentric. Last summer, I had a girlfriend, she was very beautiful, long hair big eyes, first time I saw her, I fell in love with her. I spent a lot of time to pursue her through her friends to understand what she likes, what she doesn't like, usually do something for her and so on. All aspects of understanding, I began  the plan of my pursuit , this is the first time I interest in the opposite sex, I am very excited, and some timid, because I have never had a girlfriend. Previously, I even suspected that I was gay, huh, now it seems  confirmed that I am not Gay. I put on a handsome suit, dressed up , muster the courage to invite her to become my companion  in graduation dance . Beyond my expectation, she immediately agreed my invitation. I took care of her every day, and then often dating her. So we loved, like the general couple to eat, dating, sexual relations.
I thought that our relationship would have been going on ,but until one day I found her and her roommate were very close and close to bed. Before this day, I just think they are just good friends, they are  usually too close, I did not interfere. After that, I am very sad, because I really love her in my heart so  much that I have been afraid of asking her. In the end, I summoned the courage to ask her: "Are you T?" She was surprised, but immediately denied. I asked, "Do you love me?" She replied, "Love." Should I be happy at this time? But she added the sentence: "I am bisexual." Bisexual? My heart like a thunderbolt, suddenly like some uneasy. This girl who  I loved is bisexual, she is a bisexual woman,when we  dating at the same time ,she also loved a woman, how crazy it is ,ah!

After that happened, I made a break with her, even if my heart was very sad. She cried, I was soft-hearted, she begged me not to break up, she both loves me and Linda (her roommate). She threatened me, if I broke up she will commit suicide, I yielded because I was afraid of losing her . So I intervened in a bisexual emotional area, I accepted my girlfriend is bisexual, I accepted a bisexual dating. Slowly, I was assimilated by bisexuality, and I started to be interested in bisexuality and began to enjoy bisexual dating and began to contact bisexual websites. I sometimes think about: why lissa can enjoy the joy of bisexualism? Can I still find my bisexual partner? Then I was introduced by a friend,  understand a single bisexual friends platform: because it is free to register, I just started holding the attitude which just have a try to register  bisexual single friends . I am screening in this site ,  soon I found a suitable bisexual  single. I finally realized happiness that this bisexual dating, bisexual life brought. I enjoy bisexual sex with these bisexual men, bisexual women, I like this way of bisexual dating. It always gives me freshness and sex life. Of course, it all thanks to this bisexual dating site. In this bisexual dating site, you can find the right bisexual singles  and bisexual couples. Find the right bisexual singles, you can start a bisexual dating, and how great it is!

From the beginning of the single to having a girlfriend, and then to participate in bisexual girlfriend dating, and finally to find my own bisexual area. From the uncomfortable to accept to enjoying it, this bisexual road made me happy in general. This is what I learned through the personal experience of bisexual, sex dating.
This is just the beginning of my bisexual dating, I will continue to share my beautiful bisexual dating!