Plz Take Care Of Bi Singles, They Are In Worst Situation

Bi singles ...

We have heard this ignorance: Bisexuality is only a "stage", or they are so "lustful" that can not decide which person they want in the end - these views are nonsense. Bisexuality is the real sexual orientation. Unfortunately, a new study has brought bad news to the group that has been treated differently: bi singles (both men and women) are worse off than their homosexuals."If bisexual singles are minorities in the minority and are experiencing more things, more extreme forms of treatment, then this is likely to cause differences such as income, education, smoking preferences, and other factors that affect the well-being index. "Says researcher Justin Denney.
The study provides more evidence that bi singles are in disadvantaging situation of social and economic, even among LGBT groups. Everyone should enjoy equal respect, patience, love and health, which is irrelevant. The following are the three realities faced by bisexual friends.
1  Bi are treated differently in the use of LGBT services,
A recent survey found that about half of the bi said they were discriminated when use LGBT services (such as drugs, or counseling). 25% of people said that when confined to bisexual,they will feel uncomfortable in the course of service. 42% of people said they had thought to pretend to be straight to accept the service. The other persons said  the staff did not block the disgust and impatience which is heartbreaking. If they are supposed to support them and give them important information about their health, they are still insecure, and it is no wonder that the University of Rice's research is so.
2 Bi singles will pay doubled charge for dating at dating sites in the past
Thankfully, this is already an old news. But International is a double charge site for bisexuals until last year. What is this ghost? Obviously, there is not "bisexual" option at the platform, so they need to establish two separate accounts, pay twice the money to see both an bi male’s information and an bi female’s information. Unfortunately, similar bisexual discrimination is so common.
3 Many people think bi singles are always engaged in threesome dating
Perhaps because of the ignorant and universal view so that bisexuals (especially women) are known as lascivious and can not choose their own orientation, so many of them should endure the endless threesome offer, especially in some dating sites. However, bisexuality does not mean that they like to group, even more extreme, polygamy. More people need to work together to spread this consciousness: Like all human beings, bi singles and bi couples should be loved, respected, and not treated as sexual fantasies.