What Is The Bi Dating Site?

Bisexual Site

Sometimes people will be curious about what the bisexual dating website is, curious about why it is special, our culture of life is also full of "monotous hegemony" (monosexist) ideas, it once again hijacked our gender and sexual orientation of the freedom, forcing us to think that it is "normal" when a person is attracted by the person who is opposite to his own sex and is only attracted by such people. Similarly, the monotone hegemony is also based on the heterosexuality of the gender dual opposition on the differentiation, it is for us to presuppose a non-either of their sexual orientation options.
Hetero-monosexist The hegemonic culture guarantees the attachment of women to men in male-dominated society and maintains the power relations of gender inequality between men and women, which consolidates one of the political ends in turn as " "(Reproductive sexuality) of the male right system of production and reproduction. However, our option is not "either or not" because gender is not only male or female. Sex is divided into biological sex, gender identity, and gender expression. Usually understand the one-sided, to get more real information through the bisexual story on bi dating website.
Bisexual dating sites are not just about bisexual dating, there are many bisexual related knowledge. I learned from: physiological sex in addition to men and women, there are based on the level of genital and hormone levels which are different intersex (intersex), asexual. Therefore, the binary opposition, non-male and female sex view is social construction, not physiological facts. Monique Wittig says that 'men' and 'women' are political categories, not natural facts. "" Men 'and' women 'are political categories, not natural facts. ") Psychological sex also can be called" gender Identity. "It does not need to be consistent with the physiological gender, gender identity is the process of socialization in the day after tomorrow, through countless times unconsciously with a gender symbolic behavior of the imitation - or in the words of Butler, through numerous ("A man is not born for a woman, but a woman." (Although Beauvoir in the "second sex"), There is no study of "socialism and psychological mechanisms behind a gender." Gender identity is a continuous spectrum table that contains numerous possibilities from gender to sex, and transgender. And gender expression gives us more freedom, even if we are self-identity as a class of gender, but we can still make such sex with  behavior, for example, I see an interesting story from Interesting bi dating site blogs: even if a person self-identity for women, she can still choose a neutral sex expression; and even a person self-identity for men, he can make-up, Shaving, wearing a skirt.