Bi Chat Can Not Decide You Are Bisexual Or Not

Bi Chat...

"Everyone has a broken mountain in the heart." So "everyone is bisexual" ,this slogan once again sought after, was once regarded as innumerable truth. Some people think that bi chat is bisexual performance. So, many people obviously like the ruler, but still firmly believe that they are bisexual, facing the same sex friends ambiguous joke. Some people also self-anesthesia, shrinking in the cupboard, convinced that they love the opposite sex that day. It seems that they are embarrassed to say hello with acquaintances when they are walking on the streets who not advertise themselves are bisexual. However, the reality is always ruthlessly snapping face: research shows that bisexuality is not the largest number of orientation, even taking into account the situation ­—"not aware of their sexual orientation", comprehensive psychology, sociology, anthropology and demographic results, the opposite sex tends to account for about 95% of the total population, about 3-5% of the same sex, only about 1-2% of the bisexual tendencies. According to the US Department of Disease Prevention and Control published on July 15, 2015 survey data shows that 34557 respondents over the age of 18 that they are bisexual only 0.7%, it is even lower than the proportion of homosexuality.

But ironically, "bisexual adaptation" of the bi chat of this sexual orientation by a different kind of sought after. Many net red big V high-profile pull out the bisexual banner, while arms around the same fellow selling rot, while pregnant with the opposite sex to sleep, to show that although they are politically correct friends, but still a red heart to the opposite sex. In this way, both to cheat a small number of fans of support, will not scare off heterosexual old powder. There are homosexuals to the cabinet, hoping to get the understanding of the folks: you see, although I am not 100% of the "normal", but I still have half "normal" it! Than those out of the "heterogeneous" or better! More comrades by "bisexuality" first name deceive, was raped in bed can also be confident to take this away. But the most embarrassing side is the real bisexual group. In the heterosexual hegemony of the brain, they out of the cabinet only can get a superficial: "that you just love the opposite sex is not all right!" This is like "Pride and Prejudice" in the eldest sister and Elizabeth Half of the half-fake joke: "You just make sure you fall in love with a rich man!" Fortunately, Li Qi really fell in love with the wealthy Mr. Darcy, and bisexual if the hands of gay men, inevitably To face the curse of friends and family: "You are not bisexuality? How to fall in love with the same sex you? This big liar!" Who said the bisexual can not make a bisexual and love chat homosexuality.
Whether you are bisexual or not can not be determined by a random bi chat or a bisexual relationship, all gender orientation is relative, not absolute. So, do not because some things that they are bisexual, but also because some things that they are not bisexual.